New Driver? Don't Get Psyched Out-Get Signed Up!

If you are beginning to learn how to drive, you may feel like a minnow in an ocean that is full of sharks. Driving can be scary and intimidating without the proper knowledge and know-how. Gain confidence and increase your safety while on the road with the following tips that involve road signs.

Obstacle Course

Many manufacturers, like Sierra Signs & Service, Inc., sell traffic signs. These signs are often connected to a weighted base, making them simple to set up and move around. Purchase some common road signs that you encounter on a regular basis and set them up in an open area where you decide to practice your driving skills. Have a friend come with you during your practice sessions so that they can monitor your progress and give you words of encouragement.

Memory Game

Use pieces of card stock or poster board to create a game that will help you memorize road signs that you see daily. Measure and cut equal pieces of either material so that you have plenty of room to draw each sign with markers. Lay the cards out on a table, and challenge yourself to find matching sets. Once you locate a pair, read about the particular sign in your driver's manual. Time yourself as you complete this exercise and try to shorten the length that it takes you to respond as you master each one.

Road Trip Book

Use the time that you ride around with others to help you increase your knowledge concerning the road. Purchase a disposable camera and take it with you whenever you ride in a friend or family member's vehicle. Snap shots of road signs that you see during each excursion. Take pictures when you are walking down the road, as well.

Place the developed photographs in a scrapbook and look at them when you feel like improving your driving skills. Write captions about each picture on adhesive labels and insert them next to each corresponding sign. Review the pictures at your leisure to help you learn about each sign.

After you practice these tips, you may find that your confidence increases whenever you are operating a vehicle. Being knowledgeable about road signs that are seen regularly will help keep yourself and other fellow drivers safe. Continue to sharpen your skills, increasing your chances of being one of the better drivers in your neck of the woods.