5 Advantages Of Aluminum Signs With A Polyethylene Core

If you are thinking about creating a new sign for your business, you should consider having your sign printed on a sign made out of two thin sheets of aluminum with a solid polyethylene core. Here are a five advantages of using this type of base for your sign:

#1 It Is Great For The Outdoor Signs

To start with, aluminum signs with a polyethylene core are great for advertising your business outside. Aluminum does not easily become rusted, even when left outside year-round. These types of signs also do not warp in the heat; they are able to withstand extremely hot summers without the shape of the sign becoming compromised.

#2 The Material Is Strong

Although aluminum signs with a polyethylene core are light-weight, they are also really sturdy. They do not easily bend, and will not get destroyed in a crazy storm. The material is really strong and is made to withstand being exposed to outside elements.

#3 It's Really Light Weight

Aluminum signs can be heavy, which makes them a little more complicated to mount outside on a pole or on the side of your business. However, aluminum signs with a polyethylene core tend to be lighter than regular aluminum signs since less aluminum is used in the construction of the sign. This makes them easier to hang up on poles or on the side of your business.

#4 The Surface Is Flat

Another advantage of aluminum signs with polyethylene cores are that they are really flat. The aluminum surface is pressed down and is flattened out. There are no bumps or bulges in these types of signs. This allows you a really flat surface to print your sign on. You will not have to worry about the sign buckling or bending in the future.

#5 The Printing Options Are Varied

Generally, outdoor metal signs are not printed on the same way that other signs are printed. Most aluminum and other metal outdoor signs are covered with a printed vinyl material. However, aluminum signs with a polyethylene core have a different finish than other metal signs.

This allows a wider variety of printing methods to be used on these types of signs. Brushed metal finishes can be applied to these signs. Coil-coated paint can also be used to print an image. Both digital and screen printed graphics can be used as well.

If you want a strong, sturdy, and lightweight outside sign that you can print both digital and screen printed images and graphics on, you should discuss creating your next business sign out of thin aluminum with a polyethylene core with your sign creation company.

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