Embroidery & Business Branding: 4 Winter Accessories To Help Promote Your Company

When working in the winter, you and your employees often stay warm with layers of clothes. These layers can naturally cover up your traditional work uniform, causing blockage of our logo, branding, and employee identification. Instead of forcing employees to shiver and withstand the cold, there are five different winter accessories that you can add custom embroidery to. These accessories can be worn in the office, while out on the job, or through any cold weather situation. By ordering the custom embroidery, you can ensure that your business is properly branded and represented through all the cold winter months.

Pull-Over Jackets

Provide a source of warmth and comfort with an embroidered pull-over jacket. There are a number of embroidery options when purchasing the jackets. One of the simplest designs is a patched breast area. A small patch featuring your company logo can be added to the front breast of the pull-over jacket.

As an alternative, you can have the whole backside of a jacket feature custom embroidery. This can include additional information like your company phone number and website. The jacket colors that you select can also help with the branding of your company. Pull-over jackets often feature two tones that can be selected to match your business.

Turtle Necks

No matter how many layers someone wears, a turtle neck can peek over them all and provide great branding coverage for your company. When you have turtle necks embroidered, the top collar of the shirt is the best place for embroidery. Something as simple as your company name can be placed around the side of the neck.

Once the base turtle neck color is selected, you can choose the embroidery color. This will help match your branding and make the text stand out. Basic turtle neck designs are often uni-sex, allowing you to order a bulk batch for all your employees.


If you own a company that works outdoors like an electric company or repair service, custom scarves can help showcase business branding. The edge of a scarf can feature an embroidered logo or company name. When choosing scarves, it's important to select a solid color so the text can be seen easier. If you decide on scarves with multiple colors, then you can feature the embroidered section on a single color.

Winter Hats

There are a number of winter hats available for custom embroidery options. Choosing different hat designs can provide your employees with a number of options for winter warmth. One of the basic winter hat designs you can have embroidered is a knit hat. These hats feature a fold up section that is great for a small company patch. Extra accessories on the hats include puffs on the top or multiple color selections.

Similar to the knit hat is a beanie. These hats form fit over the skull and a center patch is ideal for a smooth design. Some of the more non-traditional options include ski hats with hanging ear threads or bomber caps that completely cover the ears and neck of a person wearing it.

When ordering one or more of the products, you should keep the logos, designs, and branding as consistent as possible. This will represent your business as best as possible. For more information, contact companies like Visual Effects.