How To Repaint Your Old Vinyl Banner

Over the course of many years, your vinyl banner may need a little touching up. If you want to keep a hold of your old vinyl banner and get some extra use out of it, you can repaint your old banner and give it a second life.

Wash The Banner

The first thing you need to do is wash the banner so that it is clean for its new paint job. All you need is a bucket of warm soapy water and a sponge to clean off the banner. Let it dry out in the air.

Remove The Glossy Seal

Next, you need to remove the glossy seal on your banner. If you don't remove this seal, the new paint will not stick to the banner. To remove the glossy layer on the banner, you'll need to mix some trisodium phosphate or TSP with water. This is a strong chemical, so make sure that you wear gloves and goggles during this part. You'll only need to add a few drops of TSP into the water. 

Once the solution is mixed up, use a rag to apply the solution to the banner in sweeping, circular motions. This is the best way to ensure that you cover the entire banner. The gloss should lift off onto the rag. You may need to rinse out the rag and apply additional solution. 

After all the gloss is removed, you may just want to throw away the rag due to the gloss and the TSP on it. You should also clean the banner again with soap and water to make sure all the gloss and cleaning solution has been removed.

Apply Acrylic Primer

Next, in order to prepare the banner for the paint, apply a layer of acrylic primer. You don't have to cover the entire banner with the primer, you only need to cover the area you are going to paint. If the area you want to paint on the banner is large, use a roller. If it is small, you'll be okay with a paint brush. 

Draw The Design

If you intend to add to the banner, you'll want to lightly sketch the design onto the banner first with a pencil. That way, you'll be able to paint the banner without making any errors. 

If you are painting letters and don't feel comfortable free-forming them, you may want to use a stencil to sketch the letters or you could just tape the stencils to the banner and paint over them.

Painting The Banner

You should use acrylic paint on the banner. If you are painting the background of the banner, you should do this first and let the banner dry before you paint the letters onto the banner. If you are just painting the letters, get to work! Make sure you don't drip any paint on the banner by keeping the paint close by and placing a paper plate under the paint brush when you move it to the location you will be painting. 

Seal The Banner

Once the paint is dry, you'll want to add a sealant to the top. You can purchase a spray sealant designed for plastic and colored paint. Spray it slowly across the banner, working top to bottom and side to side. This will seal the paint. 

With a little time and some paint, you can give your old banner a second life. This project can be done over the course of a day, or the different steps can be spread out over multiple days if you don't have an entire day you can dedicate to this project. To find out more, speak with a business like Davis Sign Co.