4 Most Common Types Of Metal Signs

If your business is in the process of creating a new sign, you need to think carefully about what type of material you want your sign printed on. Here is a quick breakdown of the four most common types of metal material you could print your new business sign on.

#1 Aluminum

Many outside signs of made of aluminum. Most traffic and parking lot signs are made out of aluminum. Aluminum is a popular material for outside metal signs because it is incredibly strong and because it is resistant to rust even after long-term exposure to moisture. These two traits make aluminum the ideal material for an outside sign that will be exposed to the elements.

#2 Aluminum Composite

Another popular metal sign material is an aluminum composite. It is made of two thin sheets of aluminum which are attached to a polyethylene core. This composition tends to be a little more affordable than a pure metal sign while still having the same characteristics that make aluminum signs so great outside. Additionally, aluminum composite signs tend to be inflexible, making them great for locations that get a lot of strong weather.

#3 Aluminum Plywood

This type of metal sign uses a plywood core with thin sheets of aluminum wrapped around the outside. Like aluminum composite signs, aluminum plywood signs tend to also be really strong and can withstand being fully exposed to the elements.

#4 Steel

Outside of aluminum, steel is another commonly used sign material. Steel signs tend to be really thick and really strong. Steel tends to be stronger than aluminum and harder to break or bend. If your need your new sign to be strong, steel may be the way to go.

Each of the different materials listed above make great, strong signs that can be used outdoors for your business. The type of sign that you choose depends on the look that you are going for.

Keep in mind as well that metal signs that have your church information on them are not painted or printed. Instead, the sign is covered in a vinyl material that is reflective. This will prevent the information you print on your metal sign from fading due to its exposure to the elements outside. This will also make your sign reflective at night. Be sure to take those factors into consideration as well when selecting and designing a metal sign for your business.

Be sure to consult with a sign company to get the design just right.