4 Temporary Signage Tips For New Businesses

Designing a temporary sign for your business may seem like a counterproductive task, since you will soon be replacing it with a permanent option. The truth is that first impressions matter, and as a new business you need to make sure that even the impression of a temporary sign is a good one. The following tips can help you make the most of the sign.

Tip #1: Choose a Unity of Design

The design of your temporary sign should reflect the design of your permanent one to ensure that new customers can still easily recognize your business after the sign changes. Use the same colors, fonts, and logos where possible. While some effects can't be translated to a temporary medium, such as changing light colors, most of the key elements can usually be incorporated.

Tip #2: Plan for the Future

Your temporary sign may actually be an investment that you can use for future ventures. For example, a high quality vinyl sign can be stored and brought out for use at vendor shows, fairs, or at further locations as your business expands. For this reason, opt for a quality, well made temporary sign.

Tip #3: Consider Double Uses

You may be able to get more mileage out of your temporary sign sooner than you think. Vinyl signs can be printed on both sides. This means you can have your temporary business signage on one side, and then sale verbiage on the other. For example, if your business has large quarterly sales to move old inventory, have the back side printed with a close-out sale message. You can then hang this on your storefront when the sale is in effect.

Tip #4: Know Your Options

The vinyl option listed above is one of the more durable and easily stored options for stretching above the top of the store while awaiting for your permanent sign installation. Corrugated plastic signs are another durable option that works well for this location, but they cannot be folded or rolled for storage. Instead, the backs of these signs can be easily printed with new signage, and even cut down to new sizes, after your temporary need has passed. For street-side signage, plastic or PVC folding sign boards work well. You can have professional posters printed to fit these signboards, and then you can remove the signs and press the boards into other marketing uses once your permanent commercial signs are installed.