Large Format Business Signage

A large format business sign is perfect for the owner who wants a professional, high-quality, presentation for their commercial business. A large format sign demands the attention of customers and can make your store location stand out among other nearby businesses. Professionally printed business signs can be printed in unlimited sizes. Very large signs are printed in sections and then mounted together on a firm substrate or sewn together to make a hanging banner. Here are some options to consider when designing your large format business sign:

  • Paper Signs - Large format printing on paper is perfect for indoor posters, photographic prints, changing retail graphics, and trade show displays. UV inks can be used that are light stable even when displayed in store windows that receive full sun. Paper signs can be mounted on board, wood, acrylic, aluminum, corrugated plastic, foam board, and PVC to give them a firm backing. These signs can then be hung on walls and architectural features within a building. 
  • Fabric Signs - Fabric is a durable and versatile material that is used to print large-scale photographs, banners, and other digital signs and graphics. After printing, fabric signage can be mounted on stretcher bars and set into a metal or wooden frame or hung directly on a wall with grommets. Fabric signs can also be used on retractable banner stands, easel displays, and banner flag mountings. Fabric signs have a woven texture and can be washed, ironed, and folded without a loss of image quality. Fabric signs can be printed with a gloss, matte, or mesh finish. 
  • Vinyl Signs - Vinyl is a durable sign material that is ideal for outdoor use. Vinyl signs are waterproof and long lasting and can be printed with a matte or gloss finish. Vinyl signs are hemmed on all four sides with an optional slip sleeve on the top edge to insert a rigid dowel. These signs can then be hung by attaching the dowel to wall brackets or hanging it from a cord. An alternate way of hanging a vinyl sign is to have grommets installed on the top edge. You can also use an aluminum or plastic hanger bar that clamps and holds the entire top edge of the vinyl sign so it can be hung between 2 uprights without distortion.  
  • Window Decals - Large window decals can be printed that are opaque, transparent, or frosted. If you want to advertise the name of your business to customers but do not want to obscure your window display, you can use a transparent window decal that allows the viewer to see through the letters of the sign to view your products. Opaque or frosted window decals can be mounted on interior glass walls and windows to divide and separate different parts of your business. 

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