Building Up Your Church's Congregation With An Interesting Sign

If you are part of a church that has suffered from low congregation numbers, you may want to be proactive in trying to recruit new members to make up for the loss of people who are no longer active members. One way to increase interest in your church is by utilizing church signs in front of the building to entice passersby to think about visiting in the future. Here are some ways you can use your church sign to your advantage in increasing attendance.

Change Messages Frequently

Instead of leaving the same message on your church sign indefinitely, make it a priority to have it changed after services each week. This will help promote interest in the sign itself as those who pass by the church regularly will be more inclined to glance over to see what activities are in store for the upcoming week. Failing to change the sign will eventually cause people to stop looking over as they will become accustomed to the same message being present.

Think Up Witty Slogans

To help bring a smile to the faces of those looking at your sign, incorporate biblical passages into the text to relate to normal daily life situations. When people are able to relate to a normal problem or occurrence in their life with a biblical passage, they may be curious to find out more about the church services offered. Using wittiness to bring religious ideas to everyday life situations will make people ponder the passage, possibly stopping in to discuss it more with members of the church at a future time.

Inform About Special Events

Many churches host events for people in the community regardless of their own religious beliefs. These events usually revolve around helping others or trying to raise funds for the church itself. To help increase participation, make sure to inform others of these activities via the sign. 

Use The Right Lettering

To help make sure your messages are being seen, use large black lettering tiles on a white background for most of the message on your church sign. Use colored letter tiles to make one portion of the message you are trying to convey stand out. This can be used for one or two words or for a date of a specific event. Having two colors rather than just black will help draw attention to the sign. The highlighted text will be the focal point to those passing by. This idea works well for churches located on roadways where vehicles pass by at a fast speed.

To get started on designing your sign, contact a church sign company like DeMars Signs.