Creative Real Estate Sign Ideas

Drawing attention to your homes for sale or open houses means thinking outside of the box when designing the signs. A simple, plain yard sign or small, temporary stake sign just doesn't always grab sufficient attention. The following tips can help you design a better and more eye-catching sign.

Choose an unorthodox shape

Most real estate signs follow a similar design, with most featuring a single post and cross bar with a dangling sign hanging beneath. Instead, consider opting for a sign that is tall and narrow, with a post on either side supporting the sign. Another option is the "Y" shaped sign, which has two posts converging into a V, with the stake acting as the bottom portion of the Y. This provides an eye-catching inverted triangle sign. Altering the shape can make your signs stand out.

Opt for a taller profile

Whether it's a yard sign or folding open-house signs, go for height. This serves several purposes. First and foremost, taller signs are more eye catching. They are also easier to read at a distance by approaching cars. Finally, they don't get lost in the crowd. This is especially true for open-house signs, which may be competing with yard sale signs or shrubs on the corner where they are placed.

Go for a minimalist design

A clean, open font combined with a neutral background color may seem boring, but in this age of bright colors and overwhelming designs, the understated sign tends to stand out. Your agency's logo or a simple graphic will be the eye-catching factor. On the other hand, if you forgo the logo, a large line drawing of a house in the center of the open house sign will provide a classy touch that still draws attention because of, and not in spite of, its simplicity.

Draw attention with color

Color can be the key to drawing attention, as can be demonstrated by the age-old tradition of tying balloons to an open house sign. You can also use color in other ways. For example, invest in brightly colored top bar sliders to use to draw attention, instead of only using the top bar for the eventual "sold" sign. A red arrow in this location can draw the eye. Another place to add color is to the support posts. These are usually white or painted to blend into the sign. Instead, consider having them painted bold black or robin's egg blue, just so they better catch the attention of passing drivers.

For more help in designing your real estate signs, contact a sign company like The Sign Source in your area.