Keeping Motorists Safe When You Place A Sign In Your Parking Area

If you wish to place a sign in your parking area to alert drivers about speed restrictions, you will want to make every effort possible to keep those in the area safe while it is present. There are some precautionary steps you can take in keeping signs visible, as well as some protective measures you can take to ensure motorists do not become injured or sustain damage to their vehicle should they happen to come into contact with a sign on your property. Here are some tips you can use when you place your sign to help in the avoidance of mishaps.

Use Breakaway Sign Supports

Using a sign post base constructed to break or bend upon impact will help keep those in your parking area safe should they happen to graze or hit the sign with any force. The post is constructed with segmented metal, keeping it from being a solid structure that could cause someone a potentially lethal injury if a vehicle were to hit it at a high rate of speed. Breakaway sign supports can be installed on your own with the correct tools, and a new support system can be purchased if your existing one sustains damage from a vehicle.

Install Lighting In Your Lot

If your parking area will be utilized during nighttime hours, it is a good idea to have lighting installed in a way where it illuminates any signs you have present. Flood lighting can be directed toward the readable part of the sign to help motorists be aware of its presence. Alternately, reflective paint can be used to color the post of any sign you have in your parking lot. A vehicle's headlights will cause the post to become visible so the motorist can make arrangements to turn their wheel to avoid hitting a sign.

Raise Signs From Ground Level

Placing cement barriers around a sign will help keep vehicles from striking its pole altogether. The sign can be installed in the middle portion of a circular or oblong cement barrier addition you place in your parking lot. The middle of the cement barrier can be filled in with dirt or gravel to help keep the sign post in place. Flowers can also be added around the sign post to help bring attention to the cement so wheels don't scrape against it. Vibrant floral blooms will also add a bit of beautification to your parking area.