Using A Programmable LED Sign For Your Business

The ability to advertise to your current or potential customers can be an essential ability if your business is to thrive. Installing eye-catching LED signs can help you with achieving this goal, but you might not know the types of factors and considerations that need to go into using an outdoor LED sign for advertising.

Determine Whether You Need The Sign To Have Color

One of the first decisions that you will need to make about your new sign is whether you need it to be in color. For businesses that will only use these signs to display text, there may not be a strong need for the display to be in color. However, many businesses may want to display images of their products, brightly colored animations or other images that may require color. When this is the case, it can be necessary to spend the additional money to invest in an LED sign that can display colors. Additionally, if you are to be showing detailed images, you will want to opt for an LED sign with the highest resolution possible.

Consider The Source Of Power For The Sign

Placing this sign near the road can be one of the best options for ensuring that passing customers will be able to see it. However, these signs will need to have a stable source of electricity if they are to function, and many businesses may lack an appropriate outdoor power connection. If this is the case for your business, you will be able to have one of these power connections installed. Unfortunately, this can be rather expensive, and it may involve substantial excavation. One alternative to this solution is to opt for signs that are solar powered. These signs will have a solar panel that can be used to generate enough power to allow the sign to run.

Ensure The Sign Is Designed For Outdoor Use

If you will be using your new LED sign outside, it is vital to only invest in signs that are designed for outdoor use. Some individuals may assume that they will be able to use an LED sign that is designed for indoor use as long as they have the sign under a roof. Often, these signs will be positioned on patios or other covered areas of the business. Unfortunately, it can be possible for these signs to suffer damage regardless of being covered due to condensation forming on the sensitive electronic components. By only opting for signs that are designed for outdoor use, you can avoid this potentially expensive source of damage.

Finding the right outdoor LED sign will depend on your business's needs. Ask a nearby sign company like MaxxLite any additional questions.