Places A Lighting Installation Service Can Add Exterior Lighting To Your Commercial Property

When you have a new building constructed for your shop, one finishing touch you'll want to add is exterior lighting. Lighting is important for your business whether you are open after dark or not. Here are some areas of your property where lighting is beneficial.

Security Lights Over Doors

Keeping your doors lit up at night helps keep intruders away. Lights are important at the back of your store since the back door may be hidden from view. Having the area well-lit could be enough to discourage criminals from trying to gain entry by breaking down the door or picking it open. Keeping the back well-lit is also important for employee safety after hours when they take out trash or go outside for a break. Having a pool of light fall over the front door is just as important since criminals like to work in darkness and they may attempt to gain entry in the dark even if the door can be seen from the street.

Pole Lights For Parking Lot Safety

Your customers will feel safer shopping in your store after dark if the lot has plenty of lighting. Talk to the lighting service about the right placement for pole lights. The service may also offer a lighting design service that helps you determine the right placement for exterior lights so there are no dark areas that could be dangerous when the sun goes down. When it comes to parking lot safety, you not only have to worry about crime, you also have to think about tripping hazards and harm that could come to your customers because they can't see well in dim lights. Ample lighting is best, and if you use LED lights, the lighting is more affordable to operate.

Electric Exterior Signs

You may have lighted letters on the side of your building that spell your store name. You might have a pole or monument sign. Whatever type of exterior signs you have, they are more effective if they light up at night, and these signs all need to be hooked up to electricity. A lighting installation company will install your electric signs so your customers can find you in the dark. Some exterior signs have a soft glow, but others can also add illumination to your parking lot or driveway entrance to brighten your property.

Your commercial property will need a variety of lights and electric signs, so once your property is built, find a lighting installation service to help you decide on the right signs and lights and then install them according to plan. Even if you close early and don't have late hours, a well-lit lot adds security while you're away, and that can ward off theft and vandalism.